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November 2015
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For several years Moots has attended the North American Handmade Bicycle Show.  To count them: Portland, Indianapolis, Richmond, Austin and this year Sacramento. That comes to 5 shows, one each for the past 5 years.  We missed out on the original show that was held in San Jose, California…. (We did send Brad to walk the isles and check it out). During each show there have been and will be some of the most amazing works shown off by some very skilled and creative builders…simply nuts. During each of these shows the organizers and a panel of judges give out awards for many different categories, all well deserved in every manner possible.

Handbuilt—It’s what we do.

Each year Moots has gone we didn’t focus on the awards portion of the show, for us, it was about talking with riders and showing them what they would get from Moots right out of the box.  Beautiful welds, alignments that are perfect, contact points that are prepped and ready to accept components, a finish that leaves no burr, no imperfection to chance, not to mention a frame or component that is ready to be ridden for a lifetime.  So each year we have taken stock bikes to the show and have been happy with the interactions we have and the winks and nods that come our way from riders and industry friends that know just how amazing our bikes really are.  We are a group of 25 people here at Moots that build bikes every day….show worthy bikes every day.  It’s what our customers and dealers can expect each time they open a Moots frame box….perfection of execution, ride quality that has taken decades to perfect, an everyday bike that is award worthy.

Major Award—What is it?

The bike you see pictured above is a stock 55cm Psychlo X RSL that you can buy any day of the week, from one of our well educated dealers.  And one of the best feelings is to know we make award-worthy bikes every day…every week-all year long.  They’ve been ridden hard, raced to podium places, commuted-on, locked to bike racks and cried over…. It is not in our blood to boast or gloat, but winning that award sure does feel good after all these years. We are honored to be among the best in the biz!

My hats off to each and every person here at Moots for putting out not only an award winner, but doing it every time they step through our front door.

Next year NAHBS moves to Denver….we’ll be there, bringing some amazing bikes and putting on some fun events…..the planning has already started.

A Major Award!

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