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November 2015
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This last week we had a dear friend, co-worker and overall amazing person here at Moots move along to the next phase or chapter in her life.  It’s interesting how time goes along, just the other day Amy was starting her life here at Moots as our front line customer service point person.  She was thrown into the fire to say the least. Life on the phone can be a busy place to start out, but she handled it with style.  Most always with that killer smile of hers. After a couple of years of dealing with us bike nerds and our ways of details, UPS deliveries of new parts and pretty much geeking out at all things bikes, she wanted more.  She wanted to weld.  Amy was use to working with her hands as one of the best pastry chef’s in town.  Laying down the batter and beads of icing was a passion for her and something she excelled at.  Just ask any of us here at Moots what we liked most during those times and it would be without doubt the “Amy made some crazy good’’ (insert any of the following: cookies, muffins, cake, and so on)….She was also known if you were REALLY lucky to bake you a birthday cake.  She baked me a cake for my Masters Cyclocross Worlds efforts… cool is that?!

So Amy took those skills and her patients to the welding department here at Moots.  She attended a 2 day class at UBI on the basics of welding, which teach you how to turn on the machine and how not burn yourself.  Amy returned to Moots and took her spot in the welding department.  What came from her hands from there on out was perfection…which Amy would argue; ‘’there is no such thing as perfection’’….which is why she was a Moots welder.  Always striving for and chasing the perfect.

We lose her not to another company, not to another industry, but to school.  Amy come to find out has a big aptitude for math.  So she leaves us to further her knowledge of Applied Mathematics and Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Colorado in the Republic of Boulder. We’ll miss her, but know she has a very bright future ahead of her.  We have 5 other welders to pick up the slack but will always have an open chair for her when she stops in.

I’d also just like to throw this out there as well…. and I mean no offense to the fine people of Boulder. …….I know a lot of you there in that town, and I’d like you to know what a great person Amy is and how lucky you are to have her…..treat her nice or we’ll come crush you.

Amy, good luck, watch your back and please come see us every now and then.



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