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December 2015
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As you can see we have a new website.  We have been holed up over the past several months pouring over details such as; photos, functions, user features, and technical insight with even more yet to come.  We have created a site that we think really brings the soul of Moots and the people behind Moots to a more open format for you to enjoy. 

We have carried over a forum, which if you are a member or want to be a member, you will have to re-register at this time.  Sorry for the hassle, but this is the way it has to be.  A fresh start of sorts if you will.

You will also find 3 categories for our blog.  Afternoon Ti….a place to read about general happenings, thoughts and insight from Moots.  Next is our GrassMoots section of the blog…here you will find updates from our GrassMoots riders and racers.  Where they raced. What they are riding? and why they love Moots.  Lastly, we have a section for Guests….this will be a place to read about the special people that we work with and partner with in our quest to build the best titanium bikes you can get.

Galleries.  Oh yes, we now have multiple places to view photos of Mootsies in action.  First we have the general gallery that will house the photos you send to us.  A ride, an epic journey or commute all from your Moots.  We want to see them! Next we have the Moots Crew…the folks that make up our small company.  Put a picture with the voice or typed words….learn about them in the bio area….I think you’ll find we all have a lot in common.  Lastly, the GrassMoots Gallery….See what our ambassadors have been up to, races and festivals they have attended.

Shop. An updated shop to house all the Moots soft goods and components that is easier to view and navigate with super secure check out and notifications as your order makes its way to you.

We welcome you to comment and participate, sit back and click around the site and see for yourself what we have been up to!

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