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November 2015
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Wow….December 4th and winter has really yet to hit ….at least here in the northern Colorado Rocky Mountains that surround Steamboat.  The dry spell continues into early December, which puts us within reach of the winter solstice on the 21st.  The “shortest day” of the year….or at least the one with the least light…..  Which after that day we start adding light to each day, so really we are about done with winter right? Not so fast…..The skiing might stink, everything around us is this dry brown color and we are still to this day logging miles on bikes…on the trails and roads…..that’s not normal.  Usually the dirt has long been covered up by a good coating of snow….dirt only a memory of the summer.

The fat bike riders in the group are wondering when it will dump…the skiers inside of us wonder if we wasted money on that season pass and new gear.  The long time locals tell us hey! “winter really usually doesn’t settle in until Christmas’’.  So we wait.  Not idle on our hands but out riding bikes, building bikes and putting our energy into some really great projects that will come to light in early 2013…NAHBS anyone?

So we move forward….some of us scrambling to hit the last weekends of state level Cyclocross racing, and planning our indoor trainer sessions that will take us to Nationals and even further to Masters Worlds in late January.

Two back to back winters with slow starts and early departures….like I’ve said in an earlier post it’s “bonus time” for mountain dwellers…..especially being a cyclists of sorts.

I’m sure any day I’ll wake to a 2 footer that has buried those items in the yard I was supposed to pick up before it hit the fan…there they will stay until the thaw in April.

For now we’ll take the mild start, we all know it could and will change any day now.


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