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November 2015
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64 ounce smile...Kelly B after taking 4th

Lately Kelly Boniface (our pro women mountain bike racer) has been on a stretch of leg crushing races.  Going back just a week ago, she found herself racing our local road “training” series, which was the Rabbit Ears Pass Hill Climb…in the rain/sleet/snow mix.  Just about 3000 feet of up.  For Kelly that served more as an “opener” of sorts.  Just days later she was on the line for the full 64 mile Gunnison Growler.  7 hours in the saddle later she crossed the line in 4th in the women’s division and took the 40+ win!  For her efforts she brought back a very large beer and miles in her legs that will:

A) propel her into even more amazing fitness

B) land her a hangover (drinking all that beer) or

C) make the guys that try to keep up with her cry…..

I’m going with A on this one as I know she steers away from that much beer during the heat of her season and I know for a fact her hubby will lay waste to that beer after we ride!

So what does Kelly do for recovery after a 64 mile epic? Well on Wednesday (yesterday) she was on her feet all day helping teach kids how to ride at our local elementary school before she lined up with the MEN in our local town series to lay down a time most guys would love.


Up next for Kelly is this weekends Teva Games just down the road in Vail, Colorado…on tap? Mountain bike cross country on Saturday, followed by the Vail Pass Hill Climb on Sunday.  As Kelly and I chatted yesterday at the bike rodeo, I added up the time she’ll spend racing across 10 days time….oh, that will be just over 12 hours in the saddle….pinned at race pace.

At some point Kelly and I are trying to get into a co-ed mountain bike stage race together and I find myself missing entry deadlines on purpose(kidding)….I’m not sure I want to chase her around for days on end….I have a hard enough time keeping up as it is…..yikes!

Kelly killing it up Rabbit Ears....epic weather not optional


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