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November 2015
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Demo bike before.....

You may have seen or are even riding one of our New Moots carbon road RSL, standard road or Cyclocross forks.  So what’s with that you ask? Well to tell the story behind the forks we have to back up to the year we introduced the Vamoots RSL, that would be 2010.  At the time we sourced forks from Alpha Q that had the ride we were looking for as well as the fork rakes to match the geometry of the Vamoots RSL.  They also painted them to match our satin bead blast finish.

Remove wheel & brake caliper...

Well as the story goes…. True Temper Sports (parent company of Alpha Q) no longer wanted to manufacture cycling related equipment.  So with those forks going away, we set about the task of finding replacements. After looking around the cycling industry we felt we should design our own and have them built to our specifications.  We wanted 3 different fork rakes for the RSL and the CR, with two distinct ride differences.  So we partnered with a company that has a long history in building some of the most respected forks on the market today.

Road: Vamoots RSL, Vamoots CR and Vamoots

We designed the forks here at Moots using 3D modeling and our fork partner built the molds and executed the production.  We had a stiffer fork (and different shape) built for the RSL and a slightly softer (and lighter due to the layup) riding fork for the CR & Vamoots.  Both road forks were built to match the ride quality and performance of our road models.

Tools for the job....

Cyclocross: Psychlo X and Psychlo X RSL

We did the same for the Cyclocross fork, only this time we wanted one rake (47mm) to cover not only our new models, but those Moots frames out in he world that are in need of a fork upgrade.  Moots designed the fork shape & features for the high demands of Cyclocross racing and riding, our partner built the molds and carried out the production of the forks.

Measure twice....cut once

During the prototype phase of the process all of our forks underwent fatigue testing and passed all industry standards with room to spare.

The regular road fork is compatible with all 1 1/8’’ head tube Moots road frames.

Have an older Psychlo X and want to add some serious performance to the front end?…we have them ready to go.


You can find these forks through your local Moots dealer or in our Moots Shop and can be installed in less than 30 minutes.

The safe way to tighten.....

Demo after.....

You can find all the technical info on Moots Road forks here: MOOTS FORKS + MOOTS ROAD FORK VIDEO

You can also find all technical info on Moots Cyclocross Forks here: MOOTS CYCLOCROSS + MOOTS CYCLOCROSS FORK VIDEO


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