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December 2015
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As a long time bike junkie, I have always been fond of cycling publications that capture the essence of the sport.  Dating back to my BMX days when BMX PLUS! and BICYCLE MOTOCROSS ACTION ruled the roost….Oakley made grips and Tinker Juarez was getting rad in empty swimming pools on a Freestyle BMX bike.  Those days and years formed me as a cyclist.  Once into high school and college my interest turned to mountain biking and road cycling…a more refined and “respected” form of cycling. Those BMX days however, will always be with me.

A few years back the rumor of a Cyclocross spcific publication started to make the rounds….why not right? Mountain biking has had many, Road cycling has too many to count, so why shouldn’t Cyclocross have its own dedicated magazine? Was it possible to print in this day and age of digital “gottta-have-it-nowness”?  Enter Andrew Yee and the good folks at CYCLOCROSS MAGAZINE. They stepped up and took a risk to bring us junkies a dedicated Cyclocross publication that covers what was once a “fringe” sport….similar to BMX in the late 70′s & early 80′s. For those of us that build Cyclocross frames to earn part of our living, (they are now much more than a 3rd or 4th bike in the garage)….. we thank them. They have helped expose our passion, our love and our craft to a new generation of cyclist, that in the end some of them will be the new wave of junkies, just as BMX once was for many.

Which brings me to CYCLOCROSS MAGAZINE ISSUE #16 (now on newstands)….. 2011 Editors’ Choice Awards and Readers’ Choice Awards.  Our very own Psychlo X RSL came out on top in both catagories of Editors’ Dream Bike and Readers’ Dream Bike awards.  We are honored to have these awards hot off the heals of NAHBS BEST CYCLOCROSS BIKE.



I personaly encourage you to pick up a copy, read it, pass it on…turn to page 16 in Issue 16 and learn what BMX can do for your skills….read about doing Cyclocross on the cheap, learn about frame builders and passionate fans.  It’s really good stuff….it’s just the type of magazine that might light your fire to get out there and ride more….gravel roads, commute, adventure ride or race….get after it!

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