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November 2015
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End of the Rainbow....trail that is...

Moots Camp Trip 2012…..

This past weekend Moots embarked on our annual company camp trip.  We’ve been putting together a trip like this since I can remember….which sometimes is not all that long, but that’s beside the point.  We chose Salida, Colorado to be the host or should I say victim of our 3 day bike/beer/camp festival.  Now, with 24 employees here at Moots it is hard to get 100% participation as life does get in the way.  So, we rolled with about 50% attendance, give or take.

As the date grew closer, some of our fine Moots co-workers thought up a plan to ride the entire 190miles (in a day) to the camp site.  But that in itself is another story (and will be posted soon) However, I will say they made the entire route….with 20 minutes of daylight to spare….unreal.

Anyway, back to the camp thing…..we based ourselves just up Hwy. 50 from Salida, towards Monarch Pass.  A nice little camp ground that seem to be caught in the late 70’s, and continued the theme of the trip…. “Old School Colorado”….if old school is what you like, this area is for you.  No pretentious ski resorts, no Hollywood stars…real people, real town….loads of bikes, trails that go on forever…..

First things first.....

Once to town we stopped in a close friend’s house for a beer and some deck time.  Now, this friend of ours is not just a “friend”…he and his family are part of the Moots family.  They moved from Steamboat about 2 years ago after living in Steamboat for 25 years.  Scott was also our UPS driver for 16+ years.  “Chocolate Santa” as we call them….he kept his Moots in the UPS truck for lunch time rides… great is that? Scott was our local guide for the weekend as well…no maps, no detours, no problems. Thanks Scott & Brenda!

Good times with Butch, Kelsey & Nate....

Saturday morning came and the group plan to ride was set.  We rolled from Scott’s house in downtown Salida and headed up Bear Creek….just over an hour later we hit the trail head and ran into a group of 12 guys on dirt bikes.  We made conversation and at some point one of them said “my hats off to you for riding these trails in your underwear”……what? Whatever….we shared the trail and rolled exhaust free…..

Just need one....Bryce keeps it simple

We rallied down the trail and rode “group style”…waiting and making sure we all hung together…..not much else to say about the trail other than we giggled a lot…..

You can check out the entire photo dump here:

Moots Camp-Salida-FlickR

Foil burgers on the fire.....

Big mountains everywhere.....


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