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November 2015
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Bear with me on this one…..

I can’t speak for everyone out there, but I’m pretty sure we all know what it is like to have something stolen from us….bike, car, computer whatever it may have been or will be…that feeling in the pit of your stomach….violation, seperation….loss. Below is a small story about a stolen bike….and getting the owner back in the saddle.

This past Monday we received a call from a shop in Golden Colorado (Golden Bike Shop) about a Moots Psychlo X Cyclocross bike they had taken in for repair.  Sounds easy enough right?…not so much.The shop employee smelled something fishy, as in the bike didn’t fit the guy, the guy really didn’t seem like a “cyclist” and he wanted an estimate on how much it was worth (not only a theif, but a dumb one at that)….so the employee took the bike in and called us with the serial number.  A look in our records revealed that the bike was sold to a shop in Pittsburgh, Pa in 2007.  A call to the shop on our end and the dealer was able to provide a home number for the customer that had bought the bike.  Next call to the number and we got in touch with his mom…who then told us that her sons apartment had been ransacked last Thursday night in Littleton, Colorado where he had been going to school…in total; 3 bikes, computers and pretty much anything that was in his home….all gone.  She provided us with a cell number to her son.  Next call to the son….he happened to be standing in his apartment with his father going through the insurance process.  Letting him know we had a lead on his bike was great…you could hear it in his voice…he loved that bike and was torn apart to know it was out there….gone from his care.  We connected him and the bike shop.  Next, they worked with the police officer that was handling the case…they set up the catch.

The shop called the number of the person that had left the bike….they let him know it was ready to pick up.  Into the shop comes the customer…picks up the bike and rolls out the front door.  Once outside the police were waiting for him and put the cuffs on him.  Busted.  Bike goes into evidence and once the case is finished Mike will be riding his Psychlo X ….that now has a bit more history.

In the end it was a good feeling re-connecting an owner and his bike….

Bike thieves beware….our close knit cycling brethren watches out for each other.


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