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November 2015
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The creator of the ST240 (Barrett Brown)  pulled the winning number.

The day we have been working towards and waiting for has come.  The Routt County Riders have a new SINGLE TRACK ST240 machine to build those narrow trails we love.  In April Moots got involved to help the club meet the offer of a private individual to match any funds up to $12,500 that could be raised by the end of May.

The Moots crew…..Single Track Lovers.

The group here at Moots loves single track as much (if not more) than the next guy or gal.  These trails that surround our facility are the fiber of our community and where we test, design and re-test any new products we might produce.  So we thought…., what if we raise some money by offering a fully built bike to one lucky winner?  The plan was made, important industry contacts for support were brought in and bam! We had a full bike to raffle.  The raffle went live on our web store and sent out to our Moots Owners Newsletter and within 72 hours all 250 tickets had been bought!  That’s exactly 12,500 dollars! The match was made!

So this brings us to today and the arrival of the ST240 machine.  The Routt County Riders took delivery late Monday evening and then had a quick appointment with our friends at Lone Oak Studio to apply sponsors logos to the machine and then it made the rounds to Moots and Yampa Valley Bank for photo opps and one very important drawing for the winner of the fully built Moots Rogue Ybb.

And the winner is……..

ALAN PERKINS of Steamboat Springs, Colorado!

Alan received the call and I can tell you his reaction was priceless.  Over the moon with excitement and the thrill of winning a MOOTS! Alan bought 2 tickets and really thought he didn’t have much chance to win, but he really likes to support great groups like the Routt County Riders.  He happens to be a very active member in the club and moved his family to Steamboat just 7 short months ago.  Why did he move here? Because of the small town feel and great riding.  Jackpot!

Alan will be rolling on new trails on a new rig.  Moots Rogue YBB w/XT kit, DT Wheels, Fox fork.

Congratulations to Alan and congratulations to all that participated.  You should be super proud to support a great club and a town that has put great riding at the front of its priorities.


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