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November 2015
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2014 24HOP

The van is getting loaded and our team of factory racers is pulling their mountain bikes out of storage.  This week the 2014 mountain bike race season gets rolling with THE 24 HOURS IN THE OLD PUEBLO near Tucson, AZ.  This year we are again the official bike sponsor of the event and will be fielding a team plus bringing some our our latests products for you to check out.

You can register for the Moots frame, stem and seatpost raffle here: BAG IT all while contributing to a great cause.


Jason Coble–>The trip ringleader and FNG here in the Moots sales staff.  Jason will be taking his race laps and manning the expo booth during the event. Stop by, say hi and view some Handbuilt in The Rockies goodness. Jason will be rolling on one of our new Rogue RSL’s.

Ned Kajko–> Ned the welder returns to the desert to set the fastest lap on the team again this year.  Ned has done zero miles at this point, but rest assured, he’s a trained killer.  He’ll be piloting his 1 x 10 Mooto X around the course and making friends with the cactus along the way. You’ve been warned.

Patrick Wilder–>GrassMoots original from the Pacific Northwest.  He’s our call in/fly in sleeper.  Rapha Gentlemen’s Race veteran, Cyclocross Nationals Pit Boss and ready to drop into whatever event he’s needed at.  Super man in a cyclist costume. He’ll be rocking his MX Ybb during the race. Look for Patrick to bring this team to the finish in one piece.

Matty P–>Welder here at Moots and ready to pick up a bike and ride/race no matter his preparation.  He may or may not be sporting a full mountain man beard this winter, so you may not recognize him as he takes on the solo single speed division again this year.  Last year he claimed 3rd place solo SS off the couch. This year he’s made a special 24hour chamois cream just for this event. Matty P will be rolling on his MX RSL SS and MX SS. He’s looking for a volunteer for his chamois cream applicator position. Once again, you’ve been warned.

Dave Gensch—> Another GrassMoots original from Glenwood Springs, Colorado.  Dave is known for his adventure outings both on skis and bikes.  The winter has been a big one here in Colorado, so when asked, Dave jumped at the chance to go with the team.  Super nice to talk to; come say hi to Dave around the Moots compound. Dave will be racing on his MX Ybb.

Rob Mitchell–> Rob has home field advantage in the Tucson desert as he lives there full time.  This year Rob will see if he can top his 3-flats-in-a-lap record from last year.  Hopefully he’s figured out the whole tire sealant thing and will spend more time racing laps than fixing flats. Rob’s rig of choice is his MX YBB.

So that’s a little insight to the Moots team that is coming to 24HOP this year.  The sprinter van has been dug out of the snow banks and the sunscreen has been applied.

Come see us at the Moots expo tent or our camping compound!

See you in the desert!

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