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July 2014
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Sepia tone for all things Rapha.

Riders (R-L) and what they are riding in the event:

Nate Bradley (Psychlo X 28mm tires)

Kelly Boniface (Vamoots CR 28mm tires)

Matty Pronovost (Vamoots SL 28mm tires)

Corey Piscopo (Vamoots RSL 25mm tires)

Matt Alford (Psychlo X 28mm tires)

Jon Cariveau (Vamoots DR 28mm tires)


This Saturday the six riders above will set off on the Rapha Gentlemen’s (plus a lady) Race near Boulder, CO.  The course is laid out and tactics have been thought through.  Our fearless MOOTS FACTORY PILOTS team will be rolling off the line at 7:52 MST Saturday morning.  The Rapha Gentlemen’s Races have been around for several years and they go something like this…..Unsanctioned, unmarshalled, unmarked, unsupported…ride as fast as your slowest person, live off what you can find in stores along the way.  It’s hard, like really hard.  Most teams don’t finish.  Bring low gears and bigger road tires, are the instructions from Raph HQ….a good portion of the route is dirt road/gravel….and in this case that adds up to about 50% dirt.  Sweet.


The Bubble.  The Olympic Village.  The Republic.  Call it what you want, it has terrain that is world class and athletes that are the same.  Canyons, flat, rollers, altitude….heat, snow, hail, rain…it’s all possible in a single day of riding. We will set off to tackle the course and ourselves.


You name the climb around Boulder and we will be climbing it.  A total of 106 miles with 13,444 feet of climbing.  ABC…..(always be climbing)….An interesting thing about the Rapha Races is that the course is not marked.  Only GPS coordinates and a cue sheet are given out, so the race is also part route finding if you are not familiar.  We have Matt Alford on our team and he has lived in Boulder and Nederland over the years and knows the entire county really well.  He’ll be our navigator for what lies ahead on Saturday.


The riders on the team come from almost every department at Moots.  Sales, miter, welding and marketing.  Kelly Boniface comes from our GrassMoots Team and is an orginal team member in that program.  All of us have ridden a good amount of miles with each other, so we have that going for us.  The goal is to ride at a good pace, have as little mechanicals as possible and help each other through the point in the day when each will crack. You must finish with all 6 riders at the same time to be counted.


There are none.  Well, kinda.  First place team usually gets a full Rapha kit for each rider.  Second place gets all the beer.  …Oh, about the beer.  Each team must bring one case of beer to the start line.  There are 24 teams……and that’s a crap load of suds.

We’ll be posting on our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook feeds as the day unfolds.  Follow along if you can.

Wish us luck.



Just out is the August/September SWITCHBACK (issue # 19) and inside the crew at SB take a deep look at the Rogue YBB.  The 27.5” wheel platform is the BIG thing in the bike world these days.  We are building two models: Rogue YBB and the Rogue RSL and they are on fire these days.  The mating of our legendary YBB pivotless rear end with the mid-wheel size makes for an amazing cross country ride.  If you fancy a hard tail, the RSL version is build for pure stiffness and speed.

You can read the entire SWITCHBACK review here:  MOOTS ROGUE YBB



Hot off the press in the August 2014 ROAD Magazine our Vamoots DR gets a review and some great kudos for standing out in the sea of carbon fiber- flavor of the month bikes:

You can open the entire PDF here:  ROAD DISC REVOLUTION




They have become less frequent this week.  Not many weary faces, dirty bikes and empty eyes left in our parts.  The Tour Divide is coming to a close.  Steamboat and Moots are on the route, our shop sits just 200 meters off the course and if you time it right you can see the blurry eyed riders coming down CR129 from the north off the top outside deck.  Not many come our way, as it takes all the energy they can muster just to get to the nearest open bike shop for repairs. More times than not that shop is Orange Peel Bicycle Service.   We are just a bit over half way on the course, so at this point there are some worn out bike parts. Brock (shop owner) and his crew are not new to the Tour Divide riders. They see this every year and can almost nail the hour the first rider will show up. (SPOT trackers are amazing little gadgets)  They know what to do when one rolls up to the shop.  It goes something like this:

*drop bags off bikes

*offer the rider a seat or point them in the direction of the closest food source

*put bike in stand

*drop off all offending parts

*”clean” what they can to get the work done

*they replace it all: bearings, cables, tires, tubes, brake pads, worn (or eaten by a bear) pack bags

Orange Peel has 5 work stands and during these heavy weeks of the Tour Divide they are all in service….usually at the same time.  5 bikes, going.  Orange Peel operates like a well oiled machine….each shop wrench knows their part and is capable of doing it all.  King bearings?…no problem….Mavic  freehub body? Got it.  Rohloff? Can do.  Single speed cog & chain? Done.   Those first 5-6 days of the route each year seem to be held underwater.  Rain and post-holing through snow…..not so good for bike parts…..especially after you then ride them for 800+ miles without service.

This year some really fantastic people took part in the event.  We tracked them and met them, for most they passed through in the night without as much as a hello.  At last count there were at least 10-12 riders on Moots frames….out of 135.

Alice Drobna

One such visitor came in the form of Alice from Bend, OR.  She happened on our door just before the lights were on…..riding her Moots Mooto X single speed.  She was interested in seeing how her bike was made and wanted to meet us.  I happened to be in work early that day and toured her around our place.  She was quiet and somewhat shy. She didn’t want to bother anyone, just see where he bike had been made.

Several of our production staff got to meet her and congratulate her on being pretty much a super bad ass.  Did I tell you she was leading the women’s division overall?…..on a single speed?  She liked to keep her rig simple.  Very little issues for her other than the normal wearing of tires and brake pads….and a bit of a sore butt.  Simply an amazing ride, congrats Alice!

Nic Handy

One other such amazing person on the route was Nic Handy.  Nic rode a bike that he had the concept for a couple of years ago; the do-everything- go anywhere Farr Hoots. A name with a little of Moots, a little adventure.  The bike itself featured at the Denver edition of NAHBS in 2013. It has its own Facebook page to boot. Once the show had passed Nic started putting the bike to the test, doing “short” rides into the Colorado Mountains for training for the big TD event.  Well, Nic did it….on his first try.  Overcoming some early rain and snow, a sore Achilles and day off the bike….he pushed on.  He passed into Steamboat during the night and rendezvoused with a couple of the Moots crew at a local restaurant where he ordered just about one of everything off the menu. ….followed by a deep sleep.  The next day he was on his way to Summit County where he met up with his girl friend. Off he went, all the way to the US/Mexican border where friends & family were waiting for him for his finish.

After the event Nic has been adjusting back to “normal” life, which could not possibly be too normal after 2745 miles out there….pedaling a bike, making due on your own, bears, storms, mud, heat, wind and your own thoughts as you push along the Tour Divide.

We have a close friend here in Steamboat that has done the event and finished 2nd in the geared division…he once told me that he put himself into a mode of thinking that “this is how the first Tour De France riders did it”… outside assistance, no team cars, no clean place to sleep at night,……just where your body put you is where you stayed. I think this event just nails it when getting back to how it used to be.

Congratulations to all the Moots riders that got out there…we are proud to your bike of choice for the Tour Divide.



Big blue skies, ranches and bikes….the perfect day.

The Ranch Rally route of 50 miles, (45 of which was a mix of smooth dirt road, gravel, rough gravel and goat two track) took off at 9am under sunny skies with a mix of clouds that made for a spectacular day on the bike. While out on course the 90 rider group was treated to almost car free roads that circled Elk Mountain that lies just to the northwest of downtown Steamboat Springs.  The roads twist through this part of Routt County pass by ranch after ranch and offer beautiful views of the Continental Divide. The bike choices ranged from road bikes with larger tires (28mm) to cross bikes to even some mountain bikes.  Each had its place on the course, but for most a road bike with a bigger tire did just fine.  It was interesting and rewarding to hear of riders pushing their limits on equipment that normally they wouldn’t think of using for the different conditions.  It’s also been a dream of ours to share those dirt roads with those that might not think of venturing off the paved routes.

A number of the CAA board greeted riders at the Rockin’ C Bar Ranch for a post ride lunch.

We teamed up with the Community Agriculture Alliance of Steamboat Springs to raise awareness of our local ranching community and raise some money at the same time.  All proceeds went to the CAA. They worked with us to notify the ranchers on the route in hopes to have as little impact on the busy schedules they keep. In the end we will be able to write a check for $1000.00 to the CAA.

You experienced it….now become a part of it.  Join Community Agriculture Alliance and help this organization preserve the agricultural heritage of the Yampa Valley.   A financial contribution of any amount is welcome and will ensure that CAA programs continue.  Visit their website at for information and to review membership opportunities.  You don’t have to own a cow or a horse to be a member of CAA….the saddle you rode on Saturday proves your interest in agriculture!

You can view our FlickR album of the event here:


One last ask, if you have photos of the day and you’d like to share, please send my way:

Some links to our local paper that covered the event:




Former World and National Champion Ruthie Matthes joined us for the ride.  I think the map made her think a bit.



Bike build video from Pedalers Fork in Calabasas, California.  Taking the time to do it right in the shop and the kitchen! If you have the chance we highly recommend a visit.


Moots will be on hand July 2nd, 3rd, & 4th to demo bikes through our dealer CYCLES OF LIFE in Leadville, Colorado the home of the Leadville 100 Race.  Come get ready for the race and check out our latest models.

Hours of Moots Demos:

Wednesday July 2nd: 3-6pm

Thursday July 3rd: 7am-6pm

Friday July 4th: 7am-6pm

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