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June 2014
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If you don’t already know of him or have seen pictures of the bike he rides,….please meet Nic Handy.  Nic and his Farrhoots (Serious Moots Adventure Bike) are now 1,000 miles into the Tour Divide.  That puts him just to our north in Wyoming.  So far he’s faced the snow hiking, the sore knee, the sore achilles and a mud packed up bike that would have most of us crying at the side of the road.  Nic is doing it! He had the concept for this bike just before the NAHBS 2013 in Denver.  A bike that would take the miles, take the abuse all while requiring little up keep.  Did I mention Nic is also a SUPER PRO mechanic? Yes, he’s when it comes to his bike, he’d rather be riding it than working on it.

Above you see the bike as it was at the NAHBS in our booth.  Zero miles on it, just sitting ready to be ridden.  After the show, Nic started with the normal 300 mile weekends and went from there.  Now, just about a year and a half after the bike was built he’s taking it for the long one.  Tour Divide.  By the looks of it we should be meeting up with Nic just north of Steamboat in the next handful of days.  We’ll be there….camera in hand, handshake at the ready.  If the timing is right we’ll be able to sit at the Clark store and have a coffee or burger.  We are watching Nic, you are doing great….keep the rubber side down and bring that beast back to home!

The mud of the northern sections of the Tour Divide…..that’s a Moots under all of that.

Nic’s Tour Divide set up as seen in Idaho.

We’ll see you soon.

That’s just one dedicated person on a Moots this year doing the Tour Divide.  There are others…..many others.  We will do our best to grab them as they come our way.  Also on course this year:

Nic Handy———->Denver, CO———->MOOTO X (FULL RIGID, ROHLOFF)

Ton Litson———->Qatar—————->MX YBB

Andy Amik———>Castle Pines, CO—–>MX YBB

Alic Drobna——–>Utah——————>MOOTO X SINGLE SPEED

Michelle DuLieu—->Rochester, NY——->MOOTO X

Evan Deutsch——->Portland, OR——–>MOOTO X (FULL RIGID)

You can track all the Tour Divide riders here:  TOUR DIVIDE 2014

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