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May 2014
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Shimano neutral support bikes supplied by Moots

Starting back in 2011 Moots was asked by Shimano to build a fleet of Cyclocross bikes for their neutral support that would travel to major races across the US. The fleet lived in New England that first year and was a staple at the Shimano NEPCX series. The fleet served time in the neutral pit and anyone in need of a bike could borrow one. They were put to the test in that series as well as US CX Nationals in Madison, WI during the two-year run in Verona. The fleet also spent time in Colorado during last Cyclocross season at the Boulder CX Series put on by WITHOUT LIMITS. They are kitted out with a mix of mechanical and electronic shifting as well as canti or disc. The CX fleet totals 12 full bikes. Shimano wanted to invest in a frame that could have a lifespan of more than a season or two, which is what they had been getting from the carbon and aluminum builds from the past years. They were also very excited to be able to send the frames back during the off-season and have them refinished so they looked sharp at the start of each season. With Moots this can be done year after year. The fleet also saw time at Elite Cyclocross Worlds in Louisville, KY 2013.

Fast forward to 2013 and Shimano found themselves in the same boat with their extensive neutral support road fleet. The other materials did not take kindly to the rigors of shipping and life on top a car. Shimano wanted the same for the road side, only a bit bigger fleet to support the NRC series, dealer events and onto 2015 Road Worlds in Richmond, Va. We worked with Shimano during the Fall of 2013 and delivered 20 frames to them in late November to their Shimano North America headquarters in Southern California.

Since the delivery the bikes have been built up and assigned to a long list of events.  This past weekend they went to collegiate road and crit nationals that were run on part of the course that will be used during road worlds in 2015.

If you happen to race or attend any of the NRC races this year or next, make sure you check out the Shimano set up.  Also keep an eye out for that blue Shimano follow car with the satin bead blast finish of 20 Moots on the roof racks.

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