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May 2014
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44mm Head Tube pictured with 1.5” lower external for tapered 1.5” fork

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about 44mm head tubes lately and we’d like to go over a few items on the subject.

Q: What Moots frames come stock with the 44mm head tube?

A: ALL Moots mountain, cyclocross and Vamoots DR (disc road)  frames come stock with 44mm head tubes.  The reason for this is that the movement to tapered steerer tubes is prevelent in the bike industry.  The 44mm head tube also provides a stiffer front end for precise handling and braking.  It also gives us a larger landing platform for oversized top and down tubes, thus increasing stiffness.

Q: What Moots road frames come with the 44mm head tube as stock?

A: One.  The Vamoots DR (disc road) comes stock with a 44mm head tube to handle tapered steerer tubes and disc brakes.

Q: Why do the Vamoots RSL, Vamoots CR and Vamoots come stock with 1 1/8” head tubes?

A: They come stock with 1 1/8” head tubes because they are approximately 50 grams lighter and offer more ride comfort in the front end of the bike.  The 44mm head tube is an OPTION on these 3 models for an upcharge.

Q: What head set do I run on a 44mm head tube from Moots?

A: Current model Moots frames that have a 44mm head tube have been corrected to run an external lower bearing. For mountain models you will want a 1.5” lower bearing. It is possible to run a road fork that is 1 1/4” tapered with a 1 1/4” lower external bearing on road bikes that are ordered with the 44mm head tube.

Q: If I get the 44mm head tube can I still run a fork with a straight 1-1/8” steer tube?

A: Yes Chris King offers the Devolution crown race which makes both the i7 and i8 headsets compatible

44mm Head Tube pictured with 1 1/4” external lower with 1 1/8” fork with devolution base plate


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