This good looking build comes to us from Southern California and Graham Milner of WD40 BIKE.  Graham wanted to build a bike that would be a worthy machine to tackle the variety of terrain and road surfaces he sees throughout the year while at home or on the road at events with WD40 BIKE .

Graham has had a number of custom bikes over the years and now his Moots Psychlo X disc may have just retired some of the others in the garage.  In order to hit the fit for Graham we went custom as the stock sizing was just not going to work out.  So we started talking back at the Boulder Cup Cross weekend in October about a bike that would feel at home on pavement, gravel and the Cyclocross course.  The changes we made to the Psychlo X this last year really have been beneficial in hitting the marks for a good number of riders.  They want a Cyclocross worthy race rig, but would also find themselves hitting that wide range of rides on pavement & gravel. To do this we lowered the bb a touch, slackened the angles vs. the quicker RSL version and took the head tube to a longer 44mm (for tapered forks/disc) diameter.

In the new Psychlo X geometry is also the OPTION to go to a 45cm chainstay to allow for a bigger 40mm tire if you so desire.  The standard chainstay length is 42.3cm and will take a 35mm tire.  The shorter chainstay keeps the bike a little tighter for the race course and pavement rides.  Graham chose the 42.3cm stay on this build.

In the photo above Graham’s bike is pictured with 28mm Conti-GatorSkins for pavement & gravel. For cross, he’ll be able to change out the tires or the entire wheel set to roll on 33′s.

Once we finalized geometry we went to work on the build.  6-8 weeks later out came his Moots.

Graham decked out the final build with the following:

Moots Psychlo X Custom w/disc

Enve Disc CX Fork

Chris King 1.5 tapered head set

Chris King R45 Disc Hubs

Moots Stem

Moots Cinch Post

Ultegra 11 speed w/mechanical disc/compact

Red anodized bits highlight the build

Graham will be able to ride this bike in a number of situations.  If you attend an event that WD40 BIKE is at, we are sure you will be able to see Graham’s bike hanging around with Graham not far away.

Enjoy the ride Graham!



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