Cactus and dust…and a little reminder from us!

All photos credit: Devon Balet

Our crew has returned from the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo none the worse for wear.  A little dusty, a little tired, a little sunburt, but pretty happy they got to rip some desert single track in the middle of February.  The fact that these guys could go out and put down some consistent times is pretty amazing, considering we haven’t seen single track around here since mid-October. Off the couch and onto the bike right?

The event was once again sold out long before the starting gun went off.  This was our 2nd year as the official bike sponsor of the event. We had not only our racer support area and camp set up, but we also had a great spot in the expo area.  Always nice to meet so many fans of our bikes.

24 Hour Town under nightfall


Sunset or sunrise??  Hard to tell after many hours in the saddle.


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