Late November and there is a slight lull in the Cyclocross season for most to catch their breath and get ready to dig deep for the big push towards state championships and even a bigger push towards national championships.  A good friend of ours is taking his own “break” in the form of a family vacation to the islands;  Turks and Caicos to be exact.  Jamie Kripke shoots for Moots and creates the action photos you see on the site and in our catalog.  You’ve probably seen his work in other places as well, you just don’t know about it.  He’s shot an American Express commercial and also has shot other works.  Mostly outdoor activities.

This year Jamie and a friend of his are aiming to take part in Cyclocross Nationals in Boulder, Colorado in January.  A first for both of them and a goal to be 40+ and on form.  They have sought out a coach to be better prepared for the event, but mind you they have no thoughts of going PRO or ProMasters.  They just want to through down a good race in their home town.

Jamie travels a good deal for his work and a few years back he shot our stuff and took a trade in payment.  The barter system is alive and well.  What did he want?  He wanted a bike he could travel with and not get hit with heavy airline fees. He wanted a performance bike that could be assembled in the parking lot and raced just as hard as any other bike. He wanted a bike that could go on adventures with the change of tires….his choice? The Psychlo X with S & S couplers.

Now, Jamie has put this bike through its paces in North America, Europe and even the tropics.  He’s landed in NYC and got on the train to Boston, then onto Gloucester.  Assembled the bike literally in the parking lot, pinned up his number and won the race.  Packed it back up and left the scene.  He and the bike operate like a hit man that has a precision rifle in a case only to be taken out and assembled when the dirty deed is at hand.  How does it work? Flawless is what Jamie says….the couplers, not even a thought when on course.

This past September Jamie and his wife took off for a long overdue couple’s bike retreat to Italy.  Jamie once again packed up his rifle and away they went. For the road, he packs a smaller road tire that really makes this bike serve multi-duty, cross, road/dirt and beyond.  His wife uses a Ritchey Break-Away, but soon will be on the Moots program we are sure.

Is it possible to have a bike that does it all? Jamie seems to think so.  Come January he’ll be lining up with the nation’s best masters and unleashing that weapon in the box once again.

For now Jamie and family are taking in the warm sun of the islands, Psychlo X in tow.  And he’s brought a little “home work” along for the trip:




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