Secret stash-

Hopefully you have one. That place where you turn laps, experiment with tire pressure, two wheel drift and let the imagination run.

One of my favorite parts of Cx season is the practice course.

Oak bottom ,Tabor, Pier Park, Randall’s Island, Vancouver Lake all places I’ve invested hours turning laps.

One of my favorites was a tight course I’d practice while living in NYC. West Side park with it’s tight turns around those iconic NYC Park and Rec garbage cans. Dodging joggers and dogs, and looks from people wondering what on earth I was doing.

My latest course in OlyWA- AKA “the secret stash” has quickly become a favorite. Who can blame me? last week I rode a flat half way home on a leaf covered trail and made a bike exchange in my own garage to finish the workout.

Here’s to enjoying your own “Secret Stash”

Barrier sector in the Woods behind my home

Rhythm Single track Sector along the canal.

Wet covered leafs= perfect 2 wheel drift practice

Run Up-


Our Northwest GrassMoots Team rider Patrick Wilder hits the nail on the head with this post….Secret Stash. Patrick participates in all disiplines of cycling and has completed several Rapha Gentlemen’s Races from coast to coast. ¬†You can read more about Patrick here: GRASSMOOTS-PATRICK WILDER


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