Frosti 5” for your winter needs.

Frosti 5” converted to 29+ for your summer needs.

So we’ve been posting some pictures and video of the NEW Frosti that can handle the 5” wide tire lately.  Yes, you can still get the 4” version and some choose to go that way.  But with the 5” version you can change out the wheel set for dirt riding to the 29er+ wheel size.  Pretty sweet right? Yep, pretty sweet.  When we went about designing the new 5” model we wanted to be able to fit the 29er+ for those that want to use this rig year-round.  So with a change out as seen above, you can install; a suspension fork (or stick to the rigid), 29er+ wheels and be off riding your favorite trails when the white stuff melts away.  The frame itself sports a 44mm head tube, 100mm bottom bracket shell and 190mm rear spacing.  Run with a 1 x 11 set up and it very well could be the perfect bike for all of your needs.

The frame retails for $ 3975.00

We are taking orders now for early winter deliveries.


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