Back at the end of August Moots made the trip to Germany for what is the World Championships of bike shows….Eurobike.  Held in Friedrichshafen Germany, which sits on the edge of a giant lake that is surrounded by, Germany, Switzerland and Austria.  A beautiful setting to say the least.  At times during the week it was hard to remember what time it was and that we were even at a bike show.  Long days on your feet while battling jet lag made for some interesting napping locations.  But hey, I’m not complaining by any means.  To this day it’s amazing to me how the bicycle can bridge language barriers and cultural differences so easily.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the bike is the international friend maker.  If we don’t speak the same language hand gestures and body movements can easily get the point across that we all love to ride.  Another point that was clear to me during the show was how much people appreciate handmade; blood-and-sweat-poured-into-it-products, even across oceans of space. People do really care about products that are well made no matter where they are from.

During the show we were able to get out and do a couple of short rides with the fine folks from Rapha, which really made working and traveling those long hours worth it. The stories and people we met during our trip are too great to put into words, but below is a collection of photos that we took along the way.


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