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May 2013
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Over the long Memorial Day Weekend the NAHBS award winning Moots Trail Maintenace Bike was christened on the trail.  Since this beast was built during the dead of winter, we have not had the chance to really put it through an on trail work day.  Finally our local trails have peeked from under the deep winter snow and late spring storms we have had this year, so it was time.  Our local trail club scheduled a work day to take care of an upper section of Emerald Mountain known as Quarry Mountain.  Caleb and Ned who are typically using their hands to weld Moots frames, represented us during the Saturday trail work day and put the bike through its paces.  Caleb wrote us a short note on how it went.  You can read it below:


Hey Fools,

So, I had a good shake down day out with Routt County Riders and the trail bike…(and Ned). For better or for worse, it was not a chainsaw day. Though the work started at the top of Quarry Mtn Trail. So, I got to do some climbing! Due to time constraints Mark Sehler picked me up at the Quarry for the charge up Lane of Pain. It goes with out saying that it was quite the conversation piece! I tried (not too hard, haha) to carry a good bit of weight. The bike actually was pretty nice for climbing. Not the crawl it could have been. Yes, the front end is kind of floppy, but it is not unmanageable at all.

On the trail the bike is actually nice! Ned used it to shuttle drinks to the various work groups which was fun.

During our lunch at the top, Kelly Boniface showed up, shot some photos (Moots tagged on FB), then laughed at me all the way down Lupine! It was really fun! Odd and long, but fun. Chicanes through tight trees are interesting!!

Gretchen and Mark asked if they might use the bike later this week to check and clear Beall Trail. That actually seems like a great project for the bike, since they will be moving through the whole trail, not just working one part.




ps Some adjustments definitely need to be made this week. Starting with the pretty but terrifying Brooks grips! It’s like trying to hold on to ice cubes and steer an elephant!


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