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January 2013
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Super, wet, muddy and foggy conditions during my nationals.

How time flies….

A couple of weeks ago myself and Matty P made a mad dash to Madison, WI for Cyclocross Nationals.  Trying to best a 2nd place from last year I felt I might have it in the legs to go one better.  You always have to believe right? If you don’t you might as well not go.  So we loaded the Moots Sprinter and made the 14.5 drive to Verona.  Much different weather this year vs. last, but that’s Cyclocross.

Thursday pre-ride. Friday am race.  If a podium place was achieved we’d have to stay Friday night.

When you hit metal this is what happens to tubulars….


The start went well and by the middle of the first lap found myself sharing the lead with Tim Butler, while the others were chasing close behind.  Right where you want to be.

Starting the second lap a  group of 4 of us had starting pulling away.  The mud on top of ice meant most everyone would crash at least once.  Mine came about 2/3 rd’s of the way through lap 2.  Head long into a metal fence, which caused a front flat (and bruises) a long way front the pit.  Ride, ride, ride….bike change…chase, chase, chase.  At one point down to 12th or so, and then battling back to an 8th place at the finish.  Not as planned, but hey that’s bike racing….and you have to learn and move forward.  I try not to dwell…

With no podium appearance, we loaded the van and departed for home. Made it home for dinner on Saturday night. A quick trip that even now I have a hard time recalling the details.

Since then it’s been a scramble to clean bikes, glue new tires, stay fit & healthy for Masters Worlds in Louisville, KY.

I sit in a coffee shop surrounded by the hipest of hip folks as I type this in Louisville, KY…. Pre-ride done on the Masters Worlds course and qualifying tomorrow.  Should be a tractor pull…..Think Cross Vegas style heavy grass, that is wet with the earth coming up from below.

A historic event for masters and elite Cyclocoss Worlds to be here in the US.  Should be a great show, if you are in Louisville stop by and say hi….we’ll be set up during the Elite weekend in the expo area.





A stunning day for a spin.

The need to adapt your clothing choices as a cyclist is a must.  Living in a mountain location adds yet another level to this all together.  We live in town at 6700’ above sea level and get on average 350’’ of snow per year.  Oh, and on top of that it gets really cold at times….so cold that when it reaches +20F you feel the need to crank out a 20 mile loop. This “winter thing” can last 4-6 months depending on the mood of mother nature so if you want to ride, you’ve got to be ready to put on some gear.

Yes, we live here by choice and nobody is holding a gun to our heads telling us we need to live here.  …and please don’t take this as a complaint.

Here at Moots most everybody rides… guessed it…a Moots! Whether a Road, mountain or my favorite Cyclocross.  So we have that nailed….nice bikes for sure.  So what does one ride in when it’s “warm enough” to warrant a ride in the winter? And I’m talking clothing here…. Well, mainly at the moment everyone has their commuting get up….layers and layers of jackets, gloves, hats and assorted helmets to keep one on the bike as much as possible.  Many of these items come from the skiing family of clothing so that’s a pretty easy one to adapt.


So back to getting out on a ride…..  At the moment we have not had too much snow, so skiing is okay…we need a storm to freshen things up around here.  So we ride…. some still training for that last Cyclocross race and some putting in early 2013 base miles.

I went for a “real deal” outside ride today in order to keep pushing towards Masters Cyclocross Worlds at the end of the month.  One can only spend so much time inside on the trainer be for going koo-koo.

It was a “balmy” +20F outside and the sun was out.  Here’s what I wore:

My pile of clothing….for one ride.

Starting from the feet up:

Moots/Swiftwick wool socks

Giro mountain bike shoes

Gator neoprene booties

Vermarc Roubaix leg warmers

Vermarc Roubaix bib knickers

Craft Bullet cycling pants

Craft long sleeve polypro top

Craft short sleeve polypro (Windstopper) top

Vermarc winter jersey (long sleeve)

Vermarc winter jacket

Moots light wind jacket

Vermarc neck gator

Vermar winter hat

Helmet (Giro winter liner w/plastic bag insert)

Giro Pivot winter glove

Mountain Hardware windstopper fleece over gloves

……and just a touch of Mattyp’s secret coffee embrocation to the knees and lower back.

What are you riding in this time of year?? Enjoy!



We are happy to announce that we have a new Moots Dealer north of Chicago.  Green Bay Bicycles joins the Moots team to bring “Handbuilt in the Rockies” to the northern Chicago area. Green Bay Bicycles has the experience with high-end products, fit and service that we look for in a dealer.  If you live in the area you now have a source for all things Moots.

Green Bay Cycles

999 Green Bay Road – Winnetka, Illinois 60093

847-446-RIDE (7433)

Stop in and say hello!

Green Bay Bicycles first Moots build for a customer…..we love Cyclocross!


Bicycle Sport, Louisville, KY

Work hard, put in the time, work a little harder and before you know it, good things happen right? That’s how we here at Moots feel when we get to know a bike shop and sign them to be a Moots Dealer.  We don’t have a dealer on every corner out there and really that’s not the goal.  The goal is to have solid dealers that customers like to visit and feel at home when doing so.

Bicycle Sport has opened their arms to Moots and we are proud to have them back us!

Moots will be making a visit to Louisville during Cyclocross World Championships and also making another visit to Bicycle Sport as well.

If you are in the area, stop in and visit them when you get the chance.

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