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November 2012
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We are loading up the Moots sprinter van and heading to the warmer climates of San Diego, California this weekend.  Moots will be on hand for the 5th Annual Black Mountain Bicycles Demo Day on December 1st.  Black Mountain Bicycles has been a Moots dealer for the past few years and does a knock-down job getting customers out on bikes. We will have a wide array of models and sizes for you to ride.  Our own Michael Loomis will be piloting the sprinter van and be on hand to answer all your Moots questions during the demo day.

Come out and take your Moots dream bike for a spin.  We’ll have: Vamoots RSL’s, Vamoots CR’s, Mooto X RSL’s, Mooto X Ybb’s, Psychlo X RSL and several of our MX Divide dual suspension bikes.  Bring your pedals, helmet, ID and see what Moots Handbuilt in the Rockies is all about.


Thanksgiving is now under our belt (hopefully not too much adjusting needed) and we push forward to the meat of the holidays.  Hopefully you are spending time with family and friends.  Here around Moots and Steamboat we are doing the same.  Another dry start to the winter has meant for later than normal bike rides on trails and roads that are usually swallowed up by snow many weeks ago.  We refer to it as “Bonus Time”….exactly what it says…these are bonus rides that could be over with the next passing weather front. Not completely over, because many of us ride no matter the conditions….the nice conditions just make it a couple less layers.  We plan our week by the forecast….sometimes riding on days when all you want to do is rest…forcing ourselves to pull on the chamois, roll along and bask in a little slice of heaven….Yep, I know real tough problem to have…we should be so thankful.

Here’s to Bonus Time….see you out there.



This coming weekend (Sunday to be exact) Colorado Cyclocross will see one of only a few “Gold Level” Cyclocross races take place.  Our good friends and standout Moots Dealer Alpha Bicycle has taken race promotion by the horns and have laid out a course to remember.  Double pit, double sand pit, grassy knolls, and enough twists and turns to satisfy and most picky bike driver.  If you haven’t seen the Alpha Bicycle green, white & black kit at a race this season you might of had your eyes closed.  Alpha Bicycle has really put together a great team of racers and a stunning amount of support at each race. Going above and beyond to even help in the pits when others outside the team need help (thank you Aaron).

The weekend is not far off, so make your plans to join Moots at this stellar event.  We’ll be on hand with the Moots Sprinter van, coffee, donuts and a collection of beautiful Moots bikes for you to check out.

Come get your Hup on with one of the best bike shops in Colorado.

We’ll see you there!



We are selling a 2012 Limited Batch of our Ti Sticks to Benefit for Bicycle Colorado.

Cyclo What?

We are swinging into the heart of Cyclocross season across the US and are looking at the historic event of having Elite Worlds in our country.  This season represents the first time Elite Worlds will be held outside Europe….ever.  That’s a big deal, but even local Cyclocross series and are hitting historic high numbers and the buzz of Cyclocross is louder than ever before.  Whether you are supporting your local series, the USGP of Cyclocross, US Nationals, Masters Worlds or Elite worlds we know Cyclocross fans are a rabid bunch.  A good time at the races extends beyond your race….cowbells & beers in hand help cement course-side friend ships during this winter expression of cycling love.


We are donating all proceeds this year to BICYCLE COLORADO. Our goal is to raise nearly $3,000.00 through the sale of these Limited (qty 35) Moots Ti Sticks.  Bicycle Colorado promotes bicycling, increases safety, improves conditions and provides a voice for cyclists in Colorado.  Even if you don’t live in Colorado you benefit from the work they do when you visit our state or when your state level advocacy group goes to bat for cyclist in your area.

Here at Moots over the last couple of years have made a limited number of Moots Ti Sticks…or what we call our version of a COWBELL. At this point in time including this batch there are 75 or less in the world…making this a very rare item.

In 2010 we made a Limited batch of Moots Ti Sticks that raised $3000.00 for IMBA trail work. (see check hand off above).

Ti Stick…. What?

We take a beautiful piece of our US made Titanium and have our talented welders weld in a stop at each end, trapping a smaller piece of titanium inside the tube.  When you shake the Moots Ti Stick is makes a sound that is both distinctive and slightly annoying to a suffering racer.  A complete stand out in the “Cowbell Community”.

How to buy?

You can go to our online MOOTS SHOP TI STICKS to purchase one of these Limited handbuilt beauties and have it in time for your next weekend of Cyclocross-Supporters-Fan-Club-Meet-Ups…..Hup! Hup! Hup! All the while….. Feeling good that we will be putting that money towards a great cycling organization.


Moots is making a sweep through the Mid-west before winter really sets in this year.  On that sweep we are attending the Cincy3 International Cyclocross Festival in Cincinnati, Ohio.  BioWheels of Cincinnati is our long standing Moots dealer and is the backbone of this amazing event.  Moots will roll into town for Saturday’s event at Kingswood Park.  We will be on site starting 10:30 am till the last race of the night.  We will have demo bikes on hand and you will be able to ride a Moots between the hours of 11:00am and 5pm.  Stop by and meet Corey from Moots, take out a demo and learn what Handbuilt in the Rockies is all about.

Moots will have the following bikes on hand for demo.  Bring a driver’s license and a credit card to demo one.

18 MX RSL,19 MX YBB, 20 MX Divide, 50CR, 52CR, 54CR, 56CR, 60CR, 54 RSL, 56 RSL, 58RSL.


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