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July 2012
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The PROest PRO I know.

Our GrassMoots Northwest stand our Patrick Wilder came to visit us over Fathers Day weekend in June and brought his Father.  He followed up recently with some thoughts and insight to what matters most to him….The PROest Pro…..he writes:

Ever since I read these words I’ve been thinking about the PRO-est PRO I know.

I didn’t grow up with World Champion Cycling pedigree, but nevertheless my dad evokes all things PRO.

There are times in your life you can remember crystal clear.  That day for me was the fall of 1986…..sitting in Mr. Montarbo’s history class.  The phone rings and Montarbo tells me I’m summoned to the office.   No explanation, just report to the office.   You know the drill walk of shame, peers jeering, fingers pointing.  I report to the office and to my surprise my dad is standing there.  My mind is racing I’m trying to figure out what the heck I’ve done.    Dad tells me he’s come to pick me up from school.  School is done for the day, grab my stuff.

We jump in the Chevy pickup, Chevy family and head downtown.  Dad pulls into Bikes Etc on Tehema Street.   In my high school years Bikes Etc. would go on to cater to the skateboard crowd but in 1986, the era of RAD Bikes Etc was still all things BMX.

Don’t get me wrong I loved the Univega with gold ano everything, but when dad told me to go ahead and pick out any bike I wanted the choice was easy- The GT Mach 1.

The same bike I’d go on to win my first BMX race on.  The bike I’d learn from dad about the importance of manipulating gear choices for different tracks.   Countless hours I’d spend on that bike.

Fast forward 25 years.  In April I surprised my dad with a break from the grind.  I arranged to meet dad in Denver Colorado for Father’s Day weekend.   Together we made the trip across the Great Divide and into the valley of Steamboat Springs for a trip to Moots factory.    25 years later I returned the stoke to the man without a doubt is the PROest PRO I know.




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