News Flash!

Check it out – our newest product, Kid’s Pajamas.  The GAP Kids product team was so kind as to take it upon themselves to design and sell this wonderful Moots Wheelie Gator all-over-print pajama, oooops, I mean Dino BMX pajama (not sure how we could possibly confuse them) in all of their stores and on its website.  It’s wonderful to have business partners who do such great work and don’t even ask for compensation.   We’re thinking that they are really just very busy and were planning on getting around to talking to us about doing a line of kid’s clothes, together.   We’ll give them some time.  After all, great things take time to develop.  And, this could really be great.  Our brains are going crazy with ideas; the obvious gift-with-purchase of any Moots bike by a Mom or Dad with a young child –that’s a no brain-er. What about après-ride wear? Or three-pack boxers, or lingerie for all of our female owners.   Oh, better yet, a onesie shop suit – hmmmm Moots factory uniforms?   This opens up huge opportunities as we won’t be challenged anymore by large minimum requirements.  But the really big one we’re drafting a strategy around is bringing The GAP into our family of Authorized Moots dealers.  We’re seeing dedicated Moots in-store concept shops in its flagship stores and a scaled down version in all B-level stores. What could be better, shop for some denim, a few flannels, some socks, lingerie, color tees and a MootoX RSL.  With all of their longstanding knowledge on fit, they should be able to sell high-end bikes easily.  We better start ramping up our capacity – we may finally hit the big time.  In the meantime,  you better get your kid’s PJ’s in a hurry.  We hear they are selling fast.  And, something tells us they may not be available for too much longer.

Also a feature of the new line is the GARANIMAL style tags to make sure you match your styles & colors of other Moots apparel….we can’t have you out there looking bad now can we?


Yesterday we celebrated a little here at Moots.  We were named one of Colorados’ Companies to Watch!  An honor that each and everyone of us here at Moots is very proud to be a part of.  Well thought-out product, hard work, smart decisions and a dedicated staff made all of this possible.  But just because we took such an honor means we are resting on our chamois’s.  We’ll be pushing forward to one up ourselves and continue to offer the best titanium bikes your money can buy.  You can read a little more about what the achievement means:

Moots has joined a select group of Colorado companies to be recognized as one of Colorado Companies to Watch.  This selection acknowledges the hard work, dedication and contribution of Moots as a growing company in the state.  Colorado Companies to Watch honors second stage companies that develop valuable products and services, create quality jobs, enrich communities and create new industries throughout Colorado.

Launched in 2009, the Colorado Companies to Watch program awards 50 companies annually.  Moots was a finalist in 2009.  In 2011, Moots was selected as a Colorado Company to Watch from more than 400 nominees.

Colorado Companies to Watch is different from other awards programs.  Because the program focuses on our entire state, and not specific industries, it provides an opportunity to paint a realistic picture of a true statewide economy.  Since applicants are evaluated on more than growth, it widens the playing field to companies not often recognized for the critical differences they make in their industry, their community, region and our state.

Moots cake!

Moots’ President Rob Mitchell (R) takes one for the team!


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